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What is the EZHarness(TM), and what benefits does it provide over traditional harnesses?

The EZHarness(TM) is the newest and most popular product offered by PaPPi(R). This easy to apply, step-in harness is ideal to both control and protect your pet. Follow the easy instructions on our brochure, or view a demonstration on our Video Center. It saves valuable time as your dog is anxious to go for a walk, and it protects them from chaffing or injury. The primary restraint is provided across the chest, and double-padded fleece greets every component that touches your pet. The EZHarness(TM) comes with a satin nylon finish and 4' lead with a padded handle for the owner's comfort. An alternative version comes without the lead, and can be used with traditional or retractable leads.

What makes EZLeash™ and EZCollar™ different from any standard leash and collar?

The EZLeash™ and EZCollar™ contain several unique features: 1. Leash products are all-in-one leash and collar designs 2. Easy adjustment to slip over your pet's neck comfortably 3. Padded collars to suppress pressure to sensitive throat area 4. Decorative design options to add to the stylistic appeal

Tell me about the great benefits of EZLeash™ for my best friend.

The EZLeash™, EZSwiveLeash™ and EZCollar™ provide a more comfortable and safe means of being walked than traditional collars, leash or harnesses combinations. It is convenient and quick to harness or free your pet, ideal for changing circumstances. Your pets will enjoy their walks more than ever with no chaffing or soreness afterwards.

Does the EZLeash™ replace the need to maintain a collar on your pet?

The EZLeash™ products can be used in conjunction with existing collars or as a replacement. You can safely apply the EZLeash™ or EZSwiveLeash™ over your pet's neck with or without a traditional collar. These products are ideally suited for pet owners who do not maintain collars on their pets at all times, or wish to improve the comfort of walking their four-legged friends.

Are there any safety benefits of using the EZLeash™ ?

Several benefits, particularly for highly active dogs that pull on their leashes and can damage their trachea or sensitive throat area; the padded collar concept spreads pressure from a focused to a more distributed area. Dogs that jump high in the home or yard can be seriously injured if their collars are caught or tangled.

Would the EZLeash™ and EZCollar™ be an ideal present for a friend adopting a new puppy?

Puppies typically change collar sizes two or three times in their first year of life. The flexible size of the EZCollar™ and EZLeash™ products will reduce the amount of repurchases that are necessary, getting a little more value until your pet is full grown. The variability in sizing is also ideal for dogs vacillating between their winter and summer coats of fur.

Can a pet owner use a retractable lead with the EZCollar™ ?

This is the ideal application for the EZCollar™. You gain the benefit of most of the safety and comfort factors outlined above, and can still enjoy the flexible length features that the retractable concept provides.

How do I order an EZLeash™ or EZCollar™ for a friend's pet?  (fix the typo on "website" underlined below)

Simply determine their neck size, and cross reference to our size offerings. Our collars fit a range of neck dimensions, from extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. The range of sizes is clearly indicated on our Website in the ordering section or by viewing our product brochure. You should try to purchase a size with the dimensions in the middle of the range. If their size is on the cusp, then purchase the larger product.

Is it appropriate to purchase presents for pets during special occasions?

Yes, it has become customary to purchase gifts for pets for their birthdays, during the Christmas or Hanukkah seasons, other holiday periods, or simply as a gift when visiting a friend's home. We have not received one complaint from a pet dissatisfied with this growing custom.

Do these products work on larger or aggressive animals?

Actually, the products were developed initially as a means of harnessing competitive animals, such as greyhound racing dogs. The leashes are as strong as traditional leads, but suppress the initial strong pull an animal can generate while excited.

What motivated PaPPi(R) to bring these products to the public?

When we discovered prototypes of these products at a dog show, we simply could not find a means to re-purchase. Taking our dogs on walks with these collar and leashes, pet owners would inquire incessantly about these products. Finally, we tracked down the inventors, and made them our partners with the objective of making these products ubiquitous, permitting all pets to enjoy the benefits of these solutions. This may mark a paradigm shift in the collar and leash industry. This activity has prompted a change in buying mentality from interest to need, and pet owners feeling neglect for not providing the best means available to safely restrain their pet.

Our products may be purchased on-line through the www.ezleash.com Web site, directly, or through authorized pet supply stores and consumer retailers.