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The EZCollar™ pet collar allows your pet to enjoy the comfortable and stylish leash option in conjunction with existing leash or retractable products. Not only does this collar provide extra padding, but it's also a viable alternative for walking more than one pet at a time using a single leash. Buy Now!


The EZSwiveLeash™ pet leash has all of the benefits of the EZLeash™ plus a functional “swivel” mechanism that mitigates tangling of the leash in any situation. This swivel is a sturdy, chrome, case-hardened device that will not rust or tarnish. This leash product is 6 feet in length. Buy Now!


The EZLeash™ pet leash is the latest advancement in technology, integrating an adjustable collar with a nylon leash. EZLeash™ is a quick and convenient solution to controlling your pet while safeguarding their sensitive throat area. The collar is a wide, generously padded loop designed for optimal safety and easy handling. An array of designer options and colors are also available, providing additional charm and character. This leash product is 6 feet in length. Buy Now!


EZHarness™ is a “step-in” harness, quick and easy to apply, while comfortable and safe for your dog. The EZHarness™ features double-padded fleece in every component that touches the pet's body, preventing chaffing or injury, and includes an elegant satin-finish nylon webbing, integrated with a 4' lead, a swivel mechanism mitigating tangling, and a fleece padded handle for the owner's comfort. The product is offered in three colors (black, red, and royal blue), and five sizes. Buy Now!